Tarini Shukla

Tarini Shukla has a baccalareate degree in Electrical Engineering, and Masters in Quality Management. She has twelve years of professional experience in defense applications, including but not limited to construction and maintenance of civil infrastructure, management of GIS based substations and developing customized geospatial solutions. She practically dealt with the multi-domain applied engineering applications. She also served in United Nations (UN) Peace keeping forces in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where she was responsible for providing engineering support to UN forces and localities of Sake in DRC. She is interested in LiDAR, SONAR, Remote Sensing and UAS data collection and analysis with its integration in GIS. She chose UNC Charlotte for her doctoral study because CAGIS maintains high performance computing clusters, which enables her to pursue cutting-edge research in GIS and remote sensing applications.

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Graduate Student
McEniry 307