Students interested in Master or Ph.D. studies in GIScience:

Please contact Dr. Wenwu Tang, at 1-704-687-5988 or WenwuTang@uncc.edu.

Research Assistantship

Center for Applied GIScience (CAGIS) at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is seeking a Ph.D. student in the domain of GIScience and computational science. The ideal candidate, starting from Fall 2018 or Spring 2019, should have strong interest or experience in big spatial data, machine learning, GIS-based programming, and CyberGIS.

This candidate will be working as a research assistant to support a project entitled "DeepHyd: A Deep Learning-based Artificial Intelligence Approach for the Automated Classification of Hydraulic Structures from LiDAR and Sonar Data", recently funded by North Carolina Department of Transportation. The candidate will work closely with PIs and other research assistants for the development of this deep learning-driven 3D modeling framework and software platform, which support the handling and analytics of massive point cloud data collected from LiDAR and sonar technologies for hydraulic structure design (e.g., bridges).

This research assistantship will be guaranteed for three years, and likely to continue, pending on performance and fund availability. Tuition is fully covered for PhD study. For Ph.D. program information, refer to geoearth.uncc.edu/phd-programs

Applications: if you are interested, please send CV, letter of interest, and contact information of three referees to Dr. Wenwu Tang (WenwuTang@uncc.edu; Phone: 1-704-687-5988).

CAGIS (http://gis.uncc.edu) is an interdisciplinary research center that focuses on using advanced space-time theories, methods, and technologies in cutting-edge Geographic Information Science for complex geographic problem-solving.