Huifang Zuo


  • May 2016 Ph.D. Research Method in Education at UNC-Charlotte
  • Jan  2016 M.S.   Geography Information Science at UNC-Charlotte
  • July 2009 M.S.   Beijing Normal University Modern Chinese Literature
  • July 2007 B.A.    Shandong University Chinese Literature and Language

Research Agenda:

  • STEM education: implementation for the Diversity and Minority involvement in STEM, undergraduate research, evaluation of connected learning style, and engagement in recruitment, program planning, and program assessment in Computer Science
  • Spatial thinking and education: impact of neighborhoods on academic achievement, and agent-based modeling in cognition and spatial cognition
  • English language acquisition: Chinese students’ difficulties and strategies learning English for academic purposes in American institutions, and learning English as a second language
  • Comparative study: comparisons of educational system in America and China
  • Assessment: assessment newly designed learning style, and faculty development in assessment
  • Self-efficacy: complexities of student and teacher self-efficacy
  • Applied methodology work: consultations on various projects in educational research


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